Duke Addicks’ Powerful Storytelling Presentations have fascinated hundreds of audiences of adults and older children.

Bagpipes used by Scottish fur traders and American Indian drums and flutes are often played by Duke as part of his storytelling.

Invite Duke to tell his stories at your group's next meeting, special event, festival, campfire or outing.

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Pierre “Pig's Eye” Parrant is back!

After many years of absence (not abstinence), retired voyageur, illegal whisky trader and inadvertent founder of the City of St. Paul (first called “Pig's Eye Landing”), Pig’s Eye Parrant is available to tell humorous, exciting and sometimes terrifying stories about the women, men and children he knows best -- the American Indians, fur traders, soldiers and settlers caught up in the turmoil when this region was mostly Indian Country during the end of the Fur Trade Era.

Pig’s Eye will also try to answer questions about his life and times without digressing too much.

He may even tell about the spirits he makes (aged at least a day or two before being served) and the spirits he has seen (and heard) that haunt the river valleys and bluffs, especially the annoying bagpiper’s ghost.

As part of telling his tales, Parrant will sometimes try to play the Highland bagpipes bequeathed to him by his former boss, Scottish fur trader James Aird, and the flute he borrowed from the Dakota Indian Chief Wabasha with whom he frequently over-wintered.

Invite this weird-eyed rascal to tell his stories, all of which may be true, and play ancient and memorable Gaelic and American Indian melodies.