James Aird, portayed by Duke Addicks, stands in the yard of Aird's 1770s house near Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. This is the oldest structure in Wisconsin still on its original location.

Duke Addicks’ Powerful Storytelling Presentations have fascinated hundreds of audiences of adults and older children.

Bagpipes used by Scottish fur traders and American Indian drums and flutes are often played by Duke as part of his storytelling.

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Tales of the Fur Trade

Duke Addicks portrays Scottish-born fur trader James Aird who tells stories about his own Mississippi River adventures and those of his wife, Grey Cloud; his brother-in-law the Great War Leader Wabasha; his protégé Ramsey Crooks, recently arrived from Scotland who would eventually lead the American Fur Company; his partner Robert Dickson who led the Indians in their efforts to keep the Upper Mississippi in British hands during the War of 1812; his partner Murdoch Cameron whose ghost may still haunt the far shores; and his other partners including Archibald Campbell who was killed in a duel due to an argument with Dickson.

Aird also tells the stories of Zebulon Montgomery Pike and Lewis and Clark.

Duke Addicks, portraying James Aird, tells an audience of 200 people at Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, to not forget Zeb Pike.

Duke Addicks, portraying Scottish-born fur trader James Aird, plays his Great Highland Bagpipes on the steps of Fort Crawford at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

6th-grader Tayler Lehmann wrote a biography of his ancestor, James Aird. Read it here: Aird biography (pdf)