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Pig's Eye Parrant Returns!

Retired voyageur, illegal whisky trader and inadvertent founder of the City of St. Paul (first called Pig's Eye Landing), Pierre Pig's Eye Parrant is back!

What Stories Does He Tell?

Pig’s Eye tells about his life in the fur trade, and the lives of James Aird and the two Grey Clouds in a lengthy narrative which Duke Addicks wrote down and has made available as part of this web page. This is the most complete account of the life of Pig’s Eye Parrant published and made available anywhere. (PDF)

After the narrative, Duke lists the sources he uses when he tells about the fur trade era, especially those sources that provide information about Pig’s Eye, who was quite a character.

The narrative is interesting reading, and may be duplicated if proper credit is given to Duke Addicks as noted on the beginning of the narrative.

Pig’s Eye himself is available to tell his stories, just contact Duke Addicks for details about his appearances. You can call Duke at 651-643-0622.

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Duke Addicks’ Powerful Presentations have fascinated hundreds of audiences of adults and older children.

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Duke's Powerful Presentations include:

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  • See Duke's story Looking Down on the River. Where is the highest blufftop and the highest overlook on the Upper Mississippi?


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Duke plays his Great Highland Bagpipes on the steps of Fort Crawford at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

Duke playing "Indian Blues" on a Conch Shell Trumpet on stage at the Conference of the International Native American Flute Association, August 2006, accompanied by Dr. Michael De Maria on drums.





Ceremonialist Addicks is available to conduct life-transition ceremonies, rituals and celebrations including: weddings, house blessings, anointing with holy oil and laying on of hands with prayers for healing, coming of age, celebration of pregnancy and parenthood, leave-taking, parting, loss of a loved one, retirement, recognition of becoming an elder, funerals and burials, and other rituals, ceremonies and celebrations. Ceremonialist Addicks is also available to perform ancient and traditional music from around the world on Native American Indian style flutes, concert bass guitar, and a variety of percussion instruments for weddings, funerals, burials, banquets, receptions and other events.

Addicks is available only in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, metropolitan area including the neighboring areas of Wisconsin. Addicks resides in on the border between Falcon Heights and St. Paul. For pricing (fees are usually a flat rate of $500 to conduct ceremonies and $400 for his elder tales and ghost story programs, and $400 for flute playing) and availability, contact Addicks at 651-643-0622 or addicks.storyflute@gmail.com

Qualifications: Addicks received his Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and Juris Doctor in law degrees from the University of Minnesota and his Master of Arts in religious studies at the ecumenical United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. He has done post-graduate work in the anthropology of music, performance on ethnic instruments and ethnomusicology at Liberty University Baptist Seminary and Graduate School, and is currently studying Theology and the Arts at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. As a lay minister, Addicks has led worship services in many different Protestant denominations, including Lutheran (ELCA), Episcopalian and the United Church of Christ. He is authorized to conduct marriage ceremonies in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Although he has practiced law in Minnesota and before the United States Supreme Court for forty six years, Addicks does not provide legal services in connection with any of the ceremonies he conducts.

Addicks is a “living storytelling legend” also known as “Minnesota’s Master of Real Ghost Stories”.

For more about his True Ghost Stories and his Elder Tales, and other programs, see: DukeAddicksFluteplayer.

Duke Addicks leads a chapel service at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, in which he tells the story of "St. Dorothy and the Lawyers," plays African drum, Native American Indian style flute and steel Moyo drum. Enjoy! Direct link to YouTube


Duke Addicks playing Celtic/Indian jazz while the Thunderdrum rests.


At the Stevens House, 4901 Minnehaha Avenue in Minnehaha Falls Park, Minneapolis, 612 827-0138

Saturday, June 16


The Forgotten War of 1812
The War of 1812 began on June 18, 1812 when the Americans declared war on the British. During this war the British burned the nation’s capital, Washington DC, and our National Anthem was composed. It was our Second War of the Revolution.

Sunday, June 24


The stories of two American Indian Women of Power:
Singing Bird, The Woman Behind the Blackhawk War, and Conch Girl and the Mammoth Hunters, as told by Duke Addicks.

Sunday, July 8


Massacres & Genocide: Getting a Perspective on the Dakota War of 1862.
The Dakota/Lakota War From Minnesota to Wounded Knee 1862 to 1890 as told by noted storyteller, Duke Addicks, who provides an in-depth, nuanced view of these important historical events you will not find anywhere else.

Highly recommended by Duke:
Sunday, July 15


Natural Medicines Used by Early Settlers and Indians
Demonstration by Jerry Foley, Stevens House gardener and expert on the use of plants as medicines by early settlers and Indians. Come and have him show you how to make medicines from the ordinary plants found in our historic garden.

At the International Woodcarvers and Arts Festival, Lake Bronson State Park, Minnesota, 218-754-2200

Saturday, August 4th
9 am to 5 pm

Duke will stroll the festival grounds, playing his tunes on Highland smallpipes, native flutes, Irish end blown flutes, electric/acoustic bass guitar, steel drums and blues harmonicas. He will tell his tales and encourage attendees to tell him their stories about the history of the area.

Duke is especially interested in collecting any stories about the ghosts of the fur trade era in the Red River area.

The highlight of the evening will be a program called “Haunting Tunes and True Ghostly Red River Trail Tales.” This program is a combination of true Ghost Stories from this region collected, investigated and told by Duke, the “Minnesota Master of Real Ghost Stories.”

Duke has been a ghost hunter for over sixty years and is now a “living storytelling legend.” Duke will also play his haunting Metis music and other tunes from around the world on Native American Indian style flutes and other instruments.

Duke is a fur-trade era historian especially interested in the nearby Red River Ox-Cart Trail which ran from the Winnipeg area to the Metis colony at Pembina and on to the riverboat landing at St. Paul, Minnesota. The Ox-cart drivers were Metis men from the Pembina, which includes Lake Bronson. Duke comes as a recommended performer by the Outdoor Extra program of the Minnesota DNR.

At all these events Duke Addicks will be selling his GHOST STORIES CD


Who Haunts Here?


Duke Addicks’ True Personal and Mississippi River
For Adults and Older Children.
Suggested retail price $19.95.

Duke tells true ghost stories selected from the hundreds of hauntings by American Indians, explorers, fur traders, pioneers and the recently deceased that he has investigated, and also tells about his own encounters with ghosts.

In this set of two audio CDs, first released in September of 2009, Master Teller of Real Ghost Stories Duke Addicks tells about some of the hauntings he has experienced and investigated over the past sixty years in the Upper Mississippi River Region. Duke plays his thunder drum while telling some of the stories and also plays brief, haunting melodies on Native American flutes between stories.

“Duke is without a doubt the Minnesota Master of real ghost stories. He makes the stories of ghosts seem natural and believable.” - fellow storyteller

Order from Duke at 651-643-0622 or Addicks.storyflute@gmail.com

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Tell flute legends and lore. The emphasis can range from just flute music, to flute music with some tales between the tunes, or flute stories illustrated by flute music. Click here for Duke's Flute Player Page, and

Tell true ghost stories.


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The Fur Trade Era from Pig’s Eye Parrant: a lengthy narrative about his life and the lives of James Aird and the two Grey Cloud Women. (PDF)

Watching bald eagles: their habitats throughout the year

The Native American flute and its music

How high are the Mississippi River overlooks from St. Paul to Dubuque

The two Grey Cloud women who dominated the fur trade on the Upper Mississippi

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Watch Eagles with Duke
Wednesday evening eagle watch at Keller Lake
Most Wednesday evenings, June through August, 2010.
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Watch the Keller Lake eagles that nest on the south side of Highway 36 and west of Highway 61 in Maplewood, Minn. directions

When bringing a group, contact Duke at 651-643-0622 beforehand to make sure that he expects you and that his eyesight has returned.

Duke Addicks is a member of the International Native American Flute Association, and was honored to give a general session presentation / performance of Native American Flute Tales and Tunes at the International Native American Flute Association's 2006 Annual Conference in San Francisco.

Duke was once again honored to make a presentation at the 2008 conference of the International Native American Flute Association in Eau Claire, Wis., July 9-11, 2008, on Playing Celtic Tunes on the Native American Flute.

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Duke's Native American Indian Tales CD

THE TWO EAGLE STORIES on the hour-long CD are the following:

Burnt Face (also called Scar Face). Centuries ago this young man followed an eagle and built the solar observatory we call the Wyoming Medicine Wheel.

Fawn. This young woman, whose village was on a tributary of the Minnesota River at Kaksiza Sica, or Sica Hollow, near Sissiton, South Dakota, survived the Great Flood and married Big Eagle. They are the ancestors of all of the Dakota Indian people, perhaps of us all. Pipestone is the flesh turned to stone of those who died in the flood. The Thunderbirds who brought the flood waters are the guardians of the Pipestone Quarry in Minnesota.

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Native American Indian
Flute Music and Stories

Duke’s authentic Native American Indian stories illustrate the spiritual background and the mysterious gift of the flute. Duke gives voice to his flutes with his unique music — a blend of ancient Native American Indian melodies, Celtic and other modal tunes from many different cultures, and blues and jazz. His breath enables the spirit that lives within the flute to sing. More



Fur Traders James Aird and Pig’s Eye Parrant tell the story of
The Two Grey Cloud Women

Two Mdewakanton Indian (Dakota Sioux) women,
mother (1765 to 1844) and
daughter (1793-1849),
both named Grey Cloud
Whose Lives Changed the Course of Upper Mississippi River History (an island in the Mississippi bears their name)


Tales of the Fur Trade

James Aird, portayed by Duke Addicks, stands in the yard of Aird's 1770s house near Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. This is the oldest structure in Wisconsin still on its original location.
Duke Addicks, portraying James Aird, tells an audience of 200 people at Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, to not forget Zeb Pike.

Duke Addicks portrays Scottish-born fur trader James Aird who tells stories about his own Mississippi River adventures and those of his wife, Grey Cloud; his brother-in-law, Chief Wabasha; his protege Ramsey Crooks, who would eventually lead the American Fur Company; his partner Robert Dickson, who led the Indians in their efforts to keep the Upper Mississippi in British hands during the War of 1812; his partner Murdoch Cameron, whose ghost may still haunt the far shores; and his other partners, including Archibald Campbell, who was killed in a duel due to an argument with Dickson.

Aird also tells the stories of Zebulon Montgomery Pike and Lewis and Clark.


Don't Forget Zeb Pike!

Duke tells the true story of this extraordinary young hero of the Upper Mississippi. At the same time Lewis and Clark were searching for the source of the Missouri, Pike was sent to search for the source of the Mississippi, to establish sites for forts in the Northwest frontier and to establish peace between the American Indian tribes. By the time he was made a brigadier general in 1813 at age 34, Pike had become a national hero and was so highly regarded as a military leader and explorer in his own time that, had he not met an untimely death, he likely would have become our nations President.